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intentional suicide awareness and education efforts

Be Equipped

Anchored Ambassadors

Encounters with individuals in an emotional emergency may not happen often. Knowing what to say and do can make a difference. 

Suicide Prevention is a national effort. No matter where you live, work or worship, resources are available to you. To #StopOne takes more than initiatives, it takes individuals who are empowered through the knowledge that they CAN be the ONE to #StopOne. 

Below are links to more in depth training programs offered around the nation. Even rural area residents have opportunities to access training through  videos and online course material. Don't wait until tomorrow - someone you meet might need you today!

Take the next step in Suicide Prevention

The Dallas Veterans Resource Center holds regularly scheduled suicide prevention and awareness training opportunities. Check out our schedule. If your company, church or place of business would like to host an educational event give us a call. Contact us at 214-372-8896

Stepping Up to #StopOne

It's Okay to Not Be Okay

Ken Hines video I jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge


Kevin Hines survived an attempt off the Golden Gate Bridge. Here he shares a portion of his story

Helping Others Hold On

Helping Others Hold on


PsychArmor's  animated video course provides concrete tips and techniques for engaging veterans who may be in crisis. Outlines practical help and ideas for suicide prevention easily followed by anyone 




This introductory lesson gives you information on how to engage veterans in crisis as well as providing a simple acronym for you to remember. Suicide Education is the first step to suicide prevention. We want to help you #StopOne

Veterans Administration Operation S.A.V.E.



PDF Presentation of Operation S.A.V.E. highlights the scope and importance of suicide prevention, negative impact of misinformation, how to identify a person at risk, effective communication, and how to refer a person for evaluation and treatment

Available Downloads

Our Stakeholders are committed to equipping the community with education, information and materials that can be shared to empower individuals with the tools to #StopOne

Suicide Prevention

Watch the instructional video to see how this well-thought out app geared toward suicide prevention can alert friends and trusted contacts that you are "Not OK." Connecting the app to your GPS sends your location, adding another layer of protection to prevent self-directed harm.